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Our cocker spaniel has become increasingly plagued with the crusty skin associated with cocker spaniels. I try to manage it with veterinarian supplied shampoo and food. Lately he seems to be "shivering" almost constantly and having difficulty jumping up or down and loses his hind quarter traction more easily. Is there a type of illness that plagues cockers or is this simply a question of age. I think he's only 7/8 years old so that doesn't seem logical to me. I'm just looking for some feed back - I hate to run him into the vet - stressful to him AND me...

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regarding the difficulty jumping and traction, you should definelty have your dog evaluated by a neuro vet. our cocker had similar problems including the shaking which was due to him hurting. he got to the point he could barely walk. it turned out that he had a disk that had calcified and the ruptured. we were lucky to catch it when we did as he had imediate surgery and recovered perfectly.

Hi,try Innova EVO food. Sounds like food algeries.Both of my dogs do great on this food. All skin issues gone! Hip/back problems are something else. they require a Vet's attention

Have you tried a good coal tar shampoo? It is good for cocker spaniels. Keep him brushed out, and check for any external parasites that he may be scratching at.I would also suggest NuVet vitamins. They are super wonderful for allergy / skin problems and take care of their internal organs as well.We raise Cocker Spaniels and all of our dogs get NuVet vitamins.

Cocker Spaniels are a wonderful breed, but they require a lot of attention and grooming. I would take him to the bet immediately if he is having difficulty jumping up or losing traction as this could indicate a serious hip/back problem. The sooner the vet can determine what the problem is the better off both you and your precious pup will be. : )

one of my cockers had the same problems. He stopped walking and had to take him to a neurocenter for sugery. He recovered from that. Now, you may need to get a allergy blood test to find out what the problem is. No shampoos o different food helped my dog, every dog is different and a blood test is the best option. Until then, get some allergy pills from your vet. I do recommend Evo food, as seems to have a lower dose of dust mites.

Shivering can be a sign that the thyroid is out of whack. Ask your vet to do a simple blood test to determine if your dog has a hypo or hyper thyroid issue. Our old girl was diagnosed at age 11 or 12, and made it to 15 through daily maintenance drug (levyrothyroxin). (heart failure was the final insurmountable challenge for her)

Just because you buy your dog's food from the vet, doesn't mean that it's good. Take a look at the ingredients. Does it contain corn? Is it Science Diet? If so -- throw it out, it's garbage. Go to, and you'll find that it's rated less than a zero star out of 6 stars (6 stars being the best ******). Shivering is a sign of pain. 7/8 yrs. old is not old for a cocker spaniel, so he definitely needs to be looked at by your vet -- sooner than later.

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