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We have a 2 year old cocker. He has two problems. he constamtly is scooting across the floor due to anal gland issues. we get them expressed every two weeks (sometimes more) and it keeps coming back. Second problem is he has tremendously itchy feet, belly and near his tail. He is on a science diet food due to a urinary issue. any advice for us? the vet bills are adding up...

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Have you tried NUTRO Food? It is specially formulated for allergy sensitive pets---100% Guaranteed--even for taste! And it is all human grade food-- The itching is usually a sign of a food allergey--and corn is a big allergy trigger---Science Diet, I think has 2 different types of corn wihtin their first 3 ingredients---

I have a 10 years old cocker who has allergies you might want to take them to a dog dermatolagist and have them tested for allergies other than the food. I've been doing this for half her life now. keep a record of the time of the year the itching starts its usually spring and fall. I thought it was her food to. Good luck!

Science Diet is crap -- throw it out. Email me at:, and I'll send you some useful info about this.

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