Photo I have been breeding labs for 12 yrs., my daughter has a boxer. I would like to know what color lab

My boxador has a yellow lab mother, and a Brindle boxer father. All 9 puppies came out black with a few patches of white on chest and paws.

Photo I have a 6.5 months old Boxador. He is very small to be close to either breeds (only weighing about

I have a boxador and he is 7 months at 60+ lb. I think he is on the thin side.

Photo what can I do to stop her from winning at night when I put her in her cage for the night

If she is whining when you put her in the cage, it is because she feels left out. My boxador is 5 1/2 years old now. She is highly social and wants to be near you always. My advice is take her out

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