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i am getting ready to purchase a balck an white 6mnth old cocker spaniel, he is ckc registered an the owner say he is shy but never have shown signs of bitting. i have children is this a good pup for us?

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some dogs are shy, but if backed in a corner may snap at them if uncomfortable. However, cockers are great pets for children because of their high energy. But if you're looking for a more mellow and sweet, calm dog, DEFINITELY look into Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They are close to cockers in blood but temperment is much better in my opinion for older children. They bing alot of calm to a family.

we had a cocker spaniel who was shy also, but after we got him home and game him his space to adapt he came out of his shell. You just have to be patient and loving. Use calm, low voices to reasure them. We got out cocker when I was 6 months pregnant and after I had my son he was WONDERFUL with him. Still shy at times, but was NEVER agressive or skidish around my son. He actually became quite loving and protective of our son. So I wouldn't be afraid of it just because he's shy. Our cocker was the best we could ever ask for!

My Cocker was very shy and timid when I got her (she was 41/2 months old at the time). I took her to dog parks immediately and it worked. I had to start out at a fenced in dog park as she was running away from some of the dogs at first. After a couple of months, she was ready for an open dog park that was not fenced in and she was much more confident. This helped her fear of both dogs and people. The vet was also impressed as she saw the huge transformation.

How old are your children, and are they kind and respectful to animals? If they are little terrors, then please do not burden the dog with having to deal with them as well as its own insecurities.

It's all in the training...I own 3 cocker spaniel..they are the sweetest dogs...and very good with children of all ages..never had any issues..they like to have alot of attention..playing to cuddle..and just be with their humans..

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