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i have a cocker spaniel , is he almost 8 years old,,, he has really bad ear problems and im constanly going to the vet to get medicine. is there something i can do at home to help with his ear infections... the medication that the vet gives only works when he is on it,, and as soon as it runs out,, it comes back

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We had this problem as well. Each week we would sprinkle powerder in his ears.. usually baby powder or corn starch and that seemed to keep him cleared up. With our cocker we use UBAvet. Its a liquid that we warm and put in her ears once a week. We got it from our vet but you can likley buy it on line. In three years she has not had an ear infection so I swear by this.

Hi, I too had a cocker with horrible ear infections and I have found the cure. I soent tons of money on medicines prescribed by my vet until I went to and read about their ear medicine cure. It is awesome. I used it for one week and he has never had ear problems again. Now I use it on all my cockers every tiem Ibathe them and their ears stay good smelling and clean.

my cocker developed an ear problem while we were camping one weekend I tried antifungal cream that I found in our first aid kit he immedialtly stopped ithching and after the weekend the infection had gone away. My vet said to continue what I was doing his ear was healthy looking

I have a cocker spaniel too with the same problems the trick is to keep the ears hair free, either buy a shaver to use at home or bring him to someone to have the ears shaved maybe once every two months or when it is growing back excessively. Hope this helps

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