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my pup cockerspaniel vey cute he is 8 weeks ol and is bitting and grawling like he is playing but i need to know if this is a big concern what i can do to control it because he play bits my small kids and i heard their great with kids he loves them but i need to know if he is doing it now willl he do it when hes older i dont want him to bit n-e one when he gets big so help people how do i nip this in the but while he is big because i love him alot by the way he is a male and his name is T Mac!!!help

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Talk to a trainer and get the little bites under control. My female did the same. As soon as I felt teeth on my skin, I would stop playing and pull my hands away from her, if she continued (usually she would)then I would calmly close and hold her mouth and say wrong. She is now 13 months old and we don't have any play biting problems. I had to be consistant and get it every time. I got this tip from our puppy trainner.

our american cocker spaniel connie is 8 weeks old and she does exactly the same and has even taught our golden retriver who is 8 weeks old to do exactly the same, i dont mind them doing it but if they go to far i do tell them NO without being aggressive, but they are young and they are getting the feel of things, give it a few weeks then start being more on the ball about it.

most americans do it, give it a month and they will grow out of it, they are only playing bless them.

i have a 14 week old cocker and he had started doing the same thing..... i went a bought him the milk-bone treats and the rubber outline they have for the treats that you slip the treat into...... when he starts bit-ting and "playing" i tell him no bit-ting and give him his rubber toy which has worked for us he no longer bites us and now only bits the toys..... he still growls even when he is playing ball but i really think its more like him laughing vs meaning it meanly good luck with you pup sincerely Kristin and TROOPER!!!!

Most Americans do it (as noted from someone who answered)? What's that supposed to mean? ALL puppies do this -- it's normal activity. Part of the problem, is that you have an 8 week old puppy. They shouldn't be taken away from their mothers until they're at least 10 weeks old. Their mommas would be teaching them not to bite.

Own 3 cocker spaniel..that's their way of playing...and letting people/other dogs it's their toy..No harm...I just say "Be nice"...biting is what puppies do...they out grow it..if it's bothersome just say "Be nice"...or "no bite"..every time they do it..

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