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what can I do to stop her from winning at night when I put her in her cage for the night

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If she is whining when you put her in the cage, it is because she feels left out. My boxador is 5 1/2 years old now. She is highly social and wants to be near you always. My advice is take her out of the cage and let her sleep on the floor next to your bed.

If her crate is not where you sleep your issue could be seperation anexiety. Try putting the crate where she can see you. I'm new to Boxadors but I've had a Lab, 3 Doxies and 2 Rotties in the past. I now have a 10 month old Boxador. She is crate trained and house broken for the most part. She sleeps in our living room as my wife and I spend the most time there. Your dog must be extremely attached to you. Keep trying they are great dogs.

We have a 6 month old boxador that we used to crate in the living room. He would whine all night long. One night we decided to move his crate to our bedroom, and he is the best sleeper ever!! I would say you have the case of seperation anxiety on your hands

I got our puppy at almost 8 weeks old and he refused to go in te crate. I tried putting him in a large crate and even his own bedroom, but the only way our pup sleeps is in our bed or on a blanket that I sprayed with my perfume with the radio on all night. He don't do well alone either.

I would try getting her a long lasting toy. My boxador, Patton, had really bad separation anxiety when my mother put him in his crate while she went to work. He chewed through a wire crate. When we got him a cong and filled it with peanut butter, it gave him something to chew on and not his crate. Hope this helps! :)

First never use the ctate as punishment cuz she will hate the crate and always think she is in trouble so hope you dint do that . Second.. try to make her love her thereally room for her dish in there? If so make sure every meal is in the cage but leave the door open so she can get out and go back in as she pleases. Toys. The Kong with peanut butter I'd a good idea.. so is putting the cage by your bed so she can see you. But u think the best idea is scoot over and let her join you on your bed lol...

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