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(Boxer and Treeing Walker Coonhound mix) The BT Walker is a medium to large sturdy framed hybrid. The coat will be short and may be seen in colors of brown, red and white. Both parent breeds are hunting dogs, so the BT Walker will make a great hunting dog as well as faithful companion.

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The tendency towards lots of barking is most likely going to be passed down from the Treeing Walker Coonhound parent breed. This will be a very active dog who will be protective of its owners and territory.

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20-27 inches
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50-60 pounds
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General Health

In general an effort is made when breeding designer dogs to reduce the risk of degenerative health issues.

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A relatively new designer breed, history can be found by looking at the parent breeds. The boxer originated in Germany, sometime in the 19th century. They began their working career as overseers of livestock. Later on they were recognized as a great dog for policing, and were used by the Germans in the Military in WWI. The Treeing Walker Coonhound was originally called the English Coonhound and was an ancestor of the English Foxhound.

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The BT Walker has a short coat that will shed. A good brushing regimen is needed. Minimal bathing is required as this hybrid doesn\'t tend to sport doggy odor. After bathing or swimming, be sure the ear is completely dry as they have a tendency to ear infections.

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Ideal Environment

The BT Walker is not recommended for a first time dog owner, or a family with small children. This very high energy dog will require lots of exercise as well as mental stimulation. Also, since they tend to bark quite a bit, a home that doesn\'t have neighbors in close proximity is best. They will do well hunting, tracking, and running. Consistent, firm, but gentle training is a plus.

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