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The Bugg can be tall and lanky like the Boston Terrier or short and husky like the Pug. The tail can be short or curly cork screwed. The come in multiple colors including brindle. The ears generally sit half mast and are a good mix of both parent breed’s ears. The muzzle is short and the face is wrinkled. The head is round with large, expressive eyes. The body is muscular with a strong chest.

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The Bugg is an active dog in family life. It loves attention from all members of the family and will generally strive to please its owners. When properly socialized, the Bugg will get along with cats and other small animals. The Bugg is easy to train and intelligent. It is food motivated and will respond favorably to positive reinforcement. This breed is known to be tidy and easy to clean. The Bugg is known to snore and can be gassy. A good consistent diet is recommended. Training is necessary to prevent jumping and climbing. The Bugg has minimal protective instincts, but will give warning barks when someone is at the door.

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11-15 inches
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15-25 pounds
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General Health

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Ideal Environment

The Bugg is suited to a family environment and thrives on activity and attention. The Bugg is known for short spurts of high energy followed by a nap. They are acclimated for living with a senior as they do not need to be walked much. They only require attention and love. This breed is also suited for apartment living. When outside, five foot fences are recommended. The Bugg is an agile jumper.

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