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Bushland terriers differ somewhat in appearance because of different genes from each parent. My bushland terrier is very short and thin, with a very long animated tail that sticks straight up, short legs, a white patch of fur on her chest, big floppy ears, thick,soft long fur, very small paws, long thin nose and tounge, and big pointy teeth.

(Cairn Terrier and Scottish Terrier mix) The Bushland Terrier is a small breed with a stubborn streak. Because of this, they can be difficult to train. The coat is double coated and medium length. Colors can vary but usually they are seen with a black coat.

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The bushland terrier is a very loving jovial dog. One of the most intellegent dogs out there.Does have teritorial issues and thinks they are a lot bigger then they are and will go after large dogs. Not very fond of strangers. Will love there owner to no end. They are very good alert dogs.

The Bushland Terrier is a fun loving little dog that is friendly. But socialize early and train with a positive reinforcement so they know you are the leader. Familiarize them early on with children and other animals.

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10-12 inches
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20-30 pounds
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General Health

The Bushland Terrier is a durable breed and can tolerate most living situations.

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The Cairn Terrier is a brave dog from the Scottish Highlands known for its strength, and determination. It was useful as a hunter of fox and rabbits. The Scottish Terrier dates back to the 1500s. It too was used to flush out rabbit and fox.

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The Bushland Terrier is a low maintenance breed that requires minimal brushing.

The bushland terrier does require some trimming in very hot climates.

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Ideal Environment

An ideal environment for a bushland terrier is one in which they have other dogs to play with and keep them entertained. They need a decent amount of space for roaming and curiosity. They need to be challenged so they can think. Hiding games are perfect for my bushland terrier

The Bushland Terrier is somewhat active, so play time is essential to keep him from getting bored. A brisk walk works well for this one. He does like to be with his family.

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