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(Cairn Terrier and Pomeranian mix) The Cairanian is a little fellow and will be lots of fun to have around. They are double coated with a thick undercoat and long outercoat. They come in many colors. The pointed ears are large for the body size and they have short legs. These attributes make them an adorable little canine.

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You will want to socialize them very early as they can have issues with small children and other animals. Since they are a bit stubborn potty training can be difficult for this hybrid. Be very consistent and reward a job well done. They are fun playful little guys.

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8-13 inches
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4-14 pounds
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General Health

Health issues would be determined by the parent breed, but they tend to live a good long life.

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The Cairn Terrier was first found in Scotland in the 15th century. This fierce little fellow was used for hunting and flushing out vermin, badgers and otter. The Pomeranian hales from Pomerania, Germany where it was noted as a companion pet.

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Brushing a few times per week with a firm bristle brush and metal comb is recommended. A professional groom a couple of times per year might be a good idea.

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Ideal Environment

A home with older children would be best for the Cairanian. They are an active dog and can become destructive if their needs aren\'t met. A game of fetch, going for walks and running and playing in general will be of great benefit to avoid any destructive behavior.

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