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My Cava-Tzu does not seem to have an appetite. I am in the process of changing to a better quality dog food which I plan to take two weeks of gradually adding small amounts as not to upset his stomach. Is it common for this breed not to be interested in eating at times?

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My 8 month old doesn't seem to have a big appetite either. I tired a holistic brand when he was little then gradually changed to Iams, when he wouldn't eat that I started him on Little Bites. He eats it slowly, takes a few nuggets and eats them then goes back for more later. I keep it out for him, that way I know he is eating. Be sure to limit treats.

My cava-Tzunis also a fussy eater. She can go days without eating. I mixed boiled chicken and switched her to Royal Canin Special Mini. It is mad for fussy eaters. I also leave her food out. It seems to work.

Our little Cava Poppy an 11 week old started on royal canin for shih Tzu pups, she only ate small amounts so we mixed it ( 70% royal canin 15% boiled chicken and 15 % pasta ) now she eats the lot everytime.

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