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About a year ago we acquired a rescued Dane who was 13 months old and severely neglected. In the year we have had her she has gained 25 pounds. She is small for a Dane only measuring 27 inches and weighing 86 pounds. She eats 6 cups a day. Is it possible that due to her neglect and improper feeding as a puppy, her growth was stunted?

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In answer to your question, any dog that is neglected during it's most important "growing" time ( up to 2 years for some dogs ) will undoubtly suffer problems whether they are growth problems or social problems. I'm not too sure what 6 cups means ( I only assume you are American ) but you should split the meal into two ( once in the morning and once in the evenings ) do not excercise your dog one hour before its meal or within two hours after a meal. I'm sure if she could talk she would tell you how much she appreciates having a loving kind owner as you. Enjow your dog and have fun.

I feed my 11 month old male Dane between 3 and 4 cups of his food twice a day and he seems to be doing fine. I agree with the other answer; neglect could have caused her some issues later on. A female will not get as big as a male. You might want to check her food and make sure she is getting the best you can afford. If you have a tractor supply store near you, I recommend the 4 health brand. It is premium food, but because it is the store brand, it is cheaper than the rest.

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