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Can you breed a cavachon and a cavachon? They are from different families and my daughter and her husband want one or two and my parents also want two. I was hoping to just breed my two cavachons and give all the babies away to my familiy.

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Second generation cavachons have been known to lose their no shred properties. The only way to keep the cavachon as no shex and hypoallergenic is to breed a spaniel and a bichon.

Yes you can, but: 1) you'll have to live together with the owner of the other dog 2) one of you has to give away your pet (to the owner of any one dog). 3) You should be neighbors or you should take him to see her/him everyday (your pet should meet it's mate and stay there for a long time) OR (a sad option) 4) make it mate some other dog.

I was told when we got our Cavachion puppet, No you can not do that. In fact I had to sign a paper saying we would not breed her. She is the best dog ever, she is 6yrs old and you would never know it, she loves long walks. She hardly ever barks and loves everyone and every other dog.

You must do a DNA test on both parents to avoid health issues which can be very serious. Cavaliers have some fatal heart defect genes. You could get 25% that are mostly Bichon, 25% most Cavalier, and the rest some combination of both. Breeding two F1 pups is a crap shoot. If you have never bred a litter of puppies, you will be in for a big surprise on how much work this can be and if done properly, how much expense.

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