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Does anyone have a good idea how to break my cavachon of licking her front paws?

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This could be an indication of an allergy to something. Usually it's a food allergy. Talk to your veterinarian about it.

Cavaliers have a habit of cleaning themselves like cats!we have had three and all did it.just make sure they do not have toxic substances on paws,such as salt from roads.trying to stop behaviour would cause stress to your dog.

Hey, no there not cleaning themselves all the time. I asked my vet because my dog lilly a first generation does it all the time! shes even got stained paws on the front and back paws. its because they get a lot of allergy's and are having a reaction. also if i find mine gets very rough pads on her paws and spends a lot of time chewing at them to get them not as rough. It works though, they go from feeling awful to feeling very smooth so i guess they know what there doing right lol. anyway, best dog ever, sweetest little personality and very loving

I took my two year old Cavachon to the vet because of excessive itching and licking her paws. It turns out that those were signs of allergies. We switched her dog food--to one containing a single meat (we chose lamb) rather than mixed meats. The food has no other ingredients. The vet instructed us only to feed her lamb for 8-12 weeks. We are a month into it, and she no longer itches or licks her paws excessively. I am not a vet, so you should double check with a professional. Best Wishes

Our Cavachon had the same problem. She is on a special diet from her skin specialist veterinarian. She is allergic to pollen and all sorts of things found outdoors. We wipe her paws with a wet washcloth when she comes back inside the house to get the pollen off and it seems to help.

My Dane would do it to clean his paws. I would try to wash them but would not get all the mud off and he would clean them and his chest afterwards just like a cat. Funny to watch him clean his back paws.

My dog does that same thing... I though it was normal. Until reading the comments... now I'm wondering If it is an allergy.

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