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HELP- I have a 6 month old great dane who is stubborn- he has recently started running from us when outside or told to do something he does not want to do. He also has growled and tryed to bite at my hand when i tryed to get him off the couch to give him bath. He also is scared of people, he tends to hide and bark at them. I dont know what to do to socialize him or to teach him to not run from us. His stubborness has to stop. Please help i dont know what kind of training he needs. I was told petsmart has puppy training classes, not sure they would help.

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If you do not have a fenced in yard you should consider fencing it in. Then when you take him out he cant run anywhere you dont want him too. My Dane would walk next to me as a young puppy but as he got bigger and matured I had to leash him every time I go outside with him. I decided to get a pincher collar as well to control insubordination. A tug on the collar with enough force to get his attention without hurting him has done the trick. Finally, YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT!!! Reward for good behavior and be stern with the dog when he behaves poorly. It takes some patience and some effort but it will work.

I trained my dog using a shock collar. It works great. It has a tone button that I use as a warning for her and if she doesn't listen then I will shock her. It really didn't even take her very long to learn that when she heard the tone if she didn't come back or stop what she was doing she was going to get shocked. I don't even use a leash anymore. As for being scared of people mine does the same thing. I have started to take her to a dog park about once a week and she is doing much much better. She is starting to go up to people she doesn't know and let them pet her.

I would watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Great tips! I you don't get that then I would get his book or DVD. The owner and family members need to be the pack leader, not the dog! Remember, calm and assertive. Good luck.

As for him running from you and going where you don't want him to go, I would leash him every time you take him out. Lots of praise when he did something you like or wanted him to do. As for the people thing. I use to take mine to the pet store all the time. Again he was leashed and did only what I wanted him to do. It would allow people to come up to him and pet him while he had the security of me being there with him. Good luck hope he comes around.

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