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How big do they get?

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My cavapoo is 8 lbs. Their size depends on the size of the dame and sire. So if one of them is a toy, the puppies will tend to be smaller. So ask about the lineage, size and temperment.

My cavipoo is 25 lbs and 1 1/2 years old. Cute, non-shedding. Very active. Getting more cuddly but not like a bichon which I used to have.

what is the average weight. how tall.

how long is a cavapoo's body on an average?

my 8 month old is only 5.5 kg, and measures 35cm neck to base of tail - she's also standing on the keyboard, making it very difficult to type this answer!

Ours quit growing at 9 months & is just short of 12 lbs.

Males will normally be bigger than females,size will depend on mother ie miniature or toy poodle.our puppy is female is six months old and mother was a miniature poodle she weighs about 6kg just heavy enough to set the seat belt warning light if gets in front seat lol.she is however quite long and can easily reach up to and put her head on the dining table so has to be watched at times.would expect her to be fully grown by 9 months.i hope you have as much fun with your cavapoo as we do especially when she is with the grandchildren

They get curlier over time but sometimes th

are they easy to toilet train

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