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I am in the process of purchasing a female Great Dane puppy. I was wondering how many pounds of food an adult Great Dane would typically eat per week. Also, I understand that it is recommened that Great Dane puppies eat a lower protien food as compared to regular puppy food. Can anyone recommend a good puppy food?

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I just purchased a male pup and the breeder and all the local Dane owners I know recomend either Eagle Pack large breed puppy or Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul. they need a food w less than 24% protien and less than 14% fat. Good luck w your new pup.

I have been feeding my 2 great dane puppies Chicken soup large breed adult for the last year, and just recently found out they use a preservative in the fish that is carcinogenic. :( I think I am going to switch to Innova large breed adult, it meets the protien, fat and calorie needs of a great dane, and it also has glucosamine and chondritin (sp). Id stay away from Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul, apparently they dont have to disclose that ingredient because they dont personally add it in. You can go to to compare foods.

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