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I am thinking of getting a great dane soon. I have done lots of reading up on them, but one thing I'm unsure of. I will keep it inside with me most of the time, but during the nights and on occasion when I'm gone it would be outside in my large back yard. Do great danes do well outside, particularly in the winter? She would have a shed with bedding to stay in. Also, how much can I budget that I will be spending on dog food weekly/monthly?

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Hi. Great danes are not outside dogs at all. Everything I have read states to keep them inside. My danes only want to be outside if I am. They hate cold weather and really hot weather.

Danes do not like to cold. I live in Upstate NY and my Dane has elected to hold his pee on occasions rather than go outside and urinate. In winter I have to walk him outside and ensure he goes. Danes do well outside if they are only out for short stints. They prefer indoors and are generally non-destructive if they are given attention. You will spend about $20-$40 a bag for food every 2-3 weeks. The real money is in the Vet bills. Giant breed dogs have higher costs. The dog will need vaccines, spay/neutering and they should have their stomach tacked to prevent gastric volvulvus (stomach flipping), grooming costs (u can do) and other stuff like toys, crate, etc. you may spend more on extras than you do on the dog. However, they are worth it. Thor is the best dog I have ever owned and everyone he meets is crazy about him.

Don't leave a Dane outside for any period of time longer than maybe an hour or so. I apologize for sounding so authoritative, but really, it breaks their heart. Danes really are sensitive to their people, and they just cannot tolerate the weather. I left my Danes outside one night over night because they were out playing and didn't come in when I called them, so I closed the door and went to bed. The next morning I brought them in and one of the Danes was clearly worn from the weather, she was dizzy and weak. They had water, had eaten the day before ( high quality food), were only out overnight, and it was a late spring night in California! They just don't tolerate it well.

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