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I have 2 Dane pups, 7 months old. I have been feeding Eagle Pack Holistic for large breed puppies. They have been doing great until last week. My mantle went off feed and very quickly started vomiting and projectile diarrhea. He underwent surgery for an obstruction, but there was no obstruction, he is doing as well as can be expected from the surgery, bit we still don't know what caused this. My other dane has the same thing now. The vet has no idea what is wrong with them. Has anyone experienced this???

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mabey it's just the food...they have been having recalls alot about dog food and stay away from food products with corn in it....we have been feeding our great dane a simple gravy train with water for 9 years(she is unbelievably 11 years old)

Sounds like they may have picked up giardia or something similar. Pls tell me your vet did xrays BEFORE doing a sx for bowel ubstruction? I also feed Eagle Pack and have for yrs. Currently raising my 4th dane on it. Chances are since both of your pups have the same symptoms, this is an entirley different issue than an obstruction. If they go to day care, dog parks, are around other dogs or drink from streams, lakes etc. it is VERY possible this is something easily treated.

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