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I have 2 small children and and we live in the country, I want a dog that is good with kids but will still be a tough watch dog , will a great dane be good ?

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Great Danes are extremely gentle despite their size, which can be intimidating. I’ve found that most Great Danes are very yard/house protective, but they won’t bite. If someone new or suspicious comes around they will firm up and give a dark bark which normally gets the job done. So yes, if you can deal with their size, Great Danes are wonderful with kids.

Yes, but make sure you teach the children that the dog is no toy.

Danes generally are a deterrant in and of themselves. Their size and bark alone is enough to scare off the toughest of people. Danes by nature will not be biters...they may hold someone but they are not attack dogs. But if you just want a dog that is great with kids and will warn strangers to watch their step...the Dane is great!

My grandson received a Great Dane (full grown rescue dog) when he was 2 years old. They bonded immediately but I now have a problem. Pharoah barked once and scared my grandson to tears and he has not barked since. My grandson is now 9 years old. Vet says he is very healthly - anyone have a similar problem?

When or if you decide to buy one make sure he does not lean on the kids

I have a 2 year old son and an 8 month old great dane, who despite normal growth patterns, is already 140 pounds and 34 1/2 inches tall. He is a giant. He is extremely gentle, but still IS a puppy. The only thing that we have ever had to be careful with was him getting excited and knocking my son over when he runs by. Besides that he is fantastic. Great danes start to act more regal and calm down around age 2. Until they im sure he will have alot of excitement in him, but he is a joy to our household and a beautiful and loyal animal. I highly suggest a great dane to anyone with children. My son will at times pull on or at him when he thinks im not paying attention and Milo will just lay there and look at him. Everyone knows that with small children it takes time for them to know that a dog isnt a toy, until they learn, you wont have to worry about the occasional tug, slap, or pull.... my dane pretends it doesnt even happen.

If you get a younger dane and have it grow with the kids you well be surprised on how protective of the kids it well be. The are great dogs. I had one and it grew with my neise and nephew. He would allow them to lay on him play, pull anything. As for me if I rested my head on him he would growl and move away. Great dogs all around tho.

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