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I have a 7 month old Fawn Great Dane puppy and I have recently started work, when I come home in the evenings and he has chewed through things. It was my mattress the other night. He has plenty of chew toys but insists on chewing the furniture. Ive tried keeping him in the hall out of the way but he manages to get into my bedroom. Any Suggestions?

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Crate him during the time you are at work. It is very highly recommended and can save them from eating things that can hurt them, let alone destroy your house. It is not cruel, it is like a den that they would make in nature. It shouldn't be a punishment, but a save haven for them.

She needs more exercise - bottom line. Sams Club carries large raw hides for $10.00 for about 20 cheweys, put up doggy gates or close doors for rooms you don't want your dog in. I don't recommend crates unless it is a huge dog kennel for outdoors and you can put it in the garage, underporch or outside in shade. Even the biggest black ones that I found where to small for my dane when he was 6 months old. Mostly your dog is bored and needs more exercise. If you have a large yard let him out in the morning and evening to play but if you don't have another dog for him to play with he will just want to come in or will dig or tear up your outside stuff. I live on a ranch and send my outside to play with other dogs for about another hour in the morning, then around 4:00 I go run with him but he only can only go about 1 mile then he will go sit by the truck and wait on me. Then before I send him back out to play from 9 to 10, even if it is raining he loves it. I have trained him to come in the back door and lay right down on his side and I wipe his feet with a towel so he doesn't track in mud.

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