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I have a great dane that we adopted from rescue. she and our old dog(a boxer) got along great but then we started to notice a couple fatty bumps on their body and we brought them to the vet and he told us that they were tumers but by then they were too old to have them removed...we just got a dogue de bordeaux and we are all scare that she will get one to....can anyone please explain what is happening and what we could do to prevent this or what may be causing this

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Most dogs will usually get fatty tumors as they get older. Our dane had many. They are usually harmless. most fatty tumors occur under the skin but above the muscle. be careful of the ones by the chest that are inmobile, meaning you can't feel underneath the tumor. Our dane had one of these that was surgically removed, turned out that it was starting to burrow into the chest wall.

I had a sheltie that recently passed, and she was literally covered in fatty tumors. They're not harmful, and she lived to be 15 even though she got her first tomor around the age of 7 or 8. We called her our lumpy lady and she was never uncomfortable because of the tumors. We did get her biopsied every time a new tumor showed up, just to be safe, but each one was just a fatty deposit, and she was fine. She did not die from anything related to the tumors, either. Hope that helps!

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