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I have a male Golden Retriever (Packer) who is going to be 7 years old and a female Great Dane puppy (Zoe) who is 10 months old. Packer is the dominant dog (alpha), but he is intimidated by Zoe just because of her size. Zoe started out being the submissive dog (omega), but that seems to be changing as she gets bigger and bigger. Is there anything I can do to keep Packer my older dog as the alpha male? I have been faithful at always feeding Packer first, giving him first choice of toys, and giving him my first attention. She's just so BIG compared to him! She's not aggressive; she's just a puppy and plays like one.

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try to let your retriever eat first thats what I did with mine.

The thing is if your older dog doesn't want to be alpha you can't force him to be one. Dogs know between themselves who is and who isn't alpha. it is life and nature that is determining that, not you.

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