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I have been battling puppy diarrhea for almost two months now with my 8 month old dane. He has been to the vet for it twice, they have run stool tests, which came back negative for parasites, disease and viruses and they give me probiotics for him. I have put him on a bland diet and yet the problem persists. His growth is normal and his behavior is normal. The only abnormal thing about Thor is his runny stool. Any ideas how I can help him?

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Have you tried switching his food? My dog had diarreah and i found out it was because i was giving him the wrong food. Are you giving him people food? You should also never give your dog that, they will become stubborn and won't eat their dog food.

I did switch his food and the problem remained. I did some research on the web and found that I can give him Pepto. I called my Vet who said that it was okay and sure enough within 12 hours his stool was firm. Dosage is based on weight of the animal.

Have him checked for intestinal worms! My dog caught worms several times from the dog park!

My Dane was having very soft stools. I switched her to a grain-free food. It's called Taste of The Wild ( Pacific Ocean). There are other flavors. It has worked well with her system. Here stools are solid and smaller. It has also improved her coat.

Ours was having runny stool a lot too. We found out he is actually allergic to chicken, so we never buy food with chicken in it. We also switched to Fromm. It is a more expensive food, but he hasn't had runny stool since and it even helped with his puppy acne on his face.

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