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I have been doing my research on Great Danes and I am planning on getting one within the next couple of years. However, one answer I can't find anywhere is how long a Great Dane can be left on its own during the day. I understand they should not be left alone for long periods of time but I will need to work to pay for all the vet bills and food the dog will need! Can anyone help me or even tell me how they cope with a Great Dane and a job?

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The general rule of thumb is one hour for every month the puppy is (3 months old, 3 hours in a crate) but it should never exceed 8 hours. If you have a doggy door, the dog can relieve himself so it's not as much of an emergency but Great Danes require alot of companionship, and can be destructive if they are not given enough attention. :) Hope this helps! In my opinion, dogs mostly sleep during the day, and of course everyone has to work. It's really about making your dog a priority, and making sure that if you are able, you come home at lunch, or come home after work and spend quality time (walking, playing, training) as often as possible.

my greatdane is fine to be left alone all the time...sometimes if i left food on the counter she will get it but other times she wouldn't even tinkle alittle bit.they love to run so have a place or time for that. goodluck

Look into local doggy daycares. I work 12 hours shifts, so by the time I leave the house and return it leans towards a 16 hour day. The daycare helps socialize your dane and exercises them while you are gone. I love it, so if you can...check it out!

we had a great dane for 12 years & she was perfect..........we have one now who, if left alone for 15 minutes will tear things up (books, vcr tapes, cardboard). We were told they do not like to be without their humans & ours sure doesn't..She doesn't tear anything up when we are at home.

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