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I have not bought a Great Dane yet but want to. My question is how much dog food do Great Danes eat? Also I would like to know how is the easiest way to house train or any kind of training?

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Mine eats about 2 35lbs bags a month. He only weighs 107lbs. A larger Dane may eat more.

My Dane is 4yrs old and eats a 22 lb bag w/in 10 days and drinks lots and lots of water. The best way to house train is to use a crate or kennel. It gives the dog security and helps keep your home secure. Generally a dog will not go the bathroom where they sleep so as soon as the dog exits the crate or kennel take it out to relieve itself. Another key is as soon as the dog awakes take it out ASAP.

take the puppy out about every 1-3 hours depending on its age. When you are about to take him out and are by the door repeat the word outside a lot a lot a lot in a happy cheerful voice. When the puppy relieves himself, give him tons of praises saying, "Good outside!" in a high happy cheerful voice.

My baby eats about 30lbs every 2 weeks. Food costs should be the least of your worries. I have owned 3 great danes in the past 7 years. I must tell you that cancer is prevelent in large/giant breeds. We thought we had done our research and new all the medical issues we "might" face. No where was cancer mentioned, until we had it. Then while researching the cancer guess what was listed as one of the top breeds w/cancer. I don't want to scare you away from the breed, I absolutely love everything about the breed. I want to make sure that you get info that we never had before our first dane. If you opt to go the great dane route, buy pet insurance. The best purchase (other than our babies) we ever made.

puppies eat alot but they will let you know when they want to eat... if you get one try wellness its on the expenseve side but all natrual less of a mess on the bathroom

Our 3 month Merle Great Dane will tell us that he wants to eat. He will lay on the floor and drag himself towards the dog food bad. He continually watches the bag as though he expects the food to magically get into his bowl. If that doesn't work then he sits at the edge of the carpet where the kitchen floor and carpet meet and talks to the bag. He will also come up to us and use his front paw as if trying to take us by the hand to feed him. We feed 3 times daily and he will walk away from food when he is full. Great Danes are so animated and if you pay attention they will tell you exactly what they need or want.

My year old male eats between 80 and 90 lbs of food a month.

We have two they are about 90-100 lbs we go through fifty pounds a week. They trained mostly on their own they are very smart.


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