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I really would love to have a Great Dane, but my parents are a bit worried and my mom doesn't want one, because she says she would have to feed it (she always feeds the animals and that's why she doesn't want anymore). Aside from that, we have a small kennel outside thats about 8-10 foot wide, and about 20 feet wide. I that good or bad for a Dane? Even if I take him out of there and excersize him?

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You can't really blame her for that if she would have to care for the dog. The average male gets to be more than 150 pounds at 3 years and the females get between 120 and 140 so that is alot of dog for your mom to have to care for. I suggest do alot of research on the Great Dane and speak to breeders who have been breeding for more than 15 years. If they keep their dogs outside 24/7 and charge cheap prices then all they care about is the money. Stay away from these so called "breeders"

I hope you're not thinking of leaving the Great Dane in a kennel outside all of the time. Danes are very social dogs and need lots of human interaction. And, if it's going to be your dog, shouldn't you be the one to feed it?

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