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I rescued a blue male great dane and I'm having problems wiht him and need help. Everytime I try to take anything away from him that he has that he shouldn't he growls at me and has even snapped at me! What should I do?

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Probably not the right answer but a rap across the nose and stern no, worked for me for training, nothing to hard or hold their mouth shut and a stern no, just make sure they know who is boss, it doesnt take much, but they need to respect commands. I have had three and all were wonderful and easy to train, fantastic with little kids, its amazing how they know their size and avoid harming even babies

You should offer him a treat in exchange for the object by letting him sniff the treat in your hand and then raising it above the dogs head. This will with practice entice him to sit. Continue to offer the treat by holding it in a CLOSED hand where it can be smelled but not stolen. When the dog drops the object (which usually happens for treats) reward the dog and leave the object. Continue this until the dog is listening to you and ignoring the object.

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