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Just womdering if Danes slobber a lot? I've always wanted one amd am still hoping that some day (soon!), we'll welcome one into our family! Thanks y'all!

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I can tell you from experience that great danes do sometimes slobber especially males. they are the epitimy of male versus female roles. Males are more clumsy at times and arent very gracious where as FEMALES are very graceful and they prance as they walk and my female doesnt slobber except when she gets hot outside running or right after drinking. But their slobbering is nothing a quick paper towel wouldnt take care of. btw I have 3 danes in my house so u tell me am i right or not? lol hope i could help

No. Not at all as much as you get to be scared of by hearing. My great dane, Sheru who is now 6 months old, does not sloober.

We have a 4 year old male fawn Dane (looks like Marmaduke) and I have to say he DOES slobber A LOT! He has the traditional deep jowls and can look like Niagra Falls after drinking out of the water bowl! I found to reduce that, I put ice cubed in the bowl and not as much water. On a hot day, he can rival anything that has been in the movies Ghostbusters- we keep "slobber rags" (which are full sized towels) handy because we get slimed frequently. We just got a 5 month old Belgian Shepherd puppy and he also seems to use her as his personal slobber rag. ;-)

I have a 5 mo. male and he does not slobber either.

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