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My Great Dane is 11 months and has red boils near his mouth. Also, like human beings have dandruff on head he has dandruff on his body with small boils somewhere. His toes are also having few while colored boils. Any Ideas?

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sounds like a staph infection to me....if it were only on the face we call it puppy acne but with it being everywhere you should take your pup to the vet for a skin scrape

We were told for our Dane this was "puppy acne" which is common in Danes. They gave us special soap to wash his face with after he eats and it cleared up.

My dane is 8 months old has the same thing took her to the vet and it is a staph infection, gave antiboitics and a medicated wash to washe her face with, vet said that it can spread everywhere if not treated.

It could be either staph or acne. The best thing to do is take to the vet and get it tested. Mine had acne and I was feeding from a plastic bowl and went to a glass bowl and it help a lot.

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