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My boyfriend and i just baught a 3 month old Grate Dane. we love her to death and she is the sweetest dog but she has a bit of a bitting problem. We have tried everything. Why does she do this? is there a time when she will stop? thank you

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All puppies are going to bite a lot when they are very young. It isn't just Great Danes. Normally they grow out of it after around 8-10 months, but they might bite longer than that.

Additionally to the previous post, ALWAYS tell the puppy NO BITE or whatever code words you would like. Do this in a stern manner. My puppy has began listening to that command and will stop...unless he is wound up and needing playtime. When that happens I play with the dog for a bit then rub his side and tell him NO BITE and he calms down.

Also, instead of saying "no bite" make a LOUD screeching/squealing noise. Something that is very unpleasant. When puppies play with their litter mates, they learn boundaries by their siblings yelps. This is natural to them. Also...there's a difference in chewing and biting. Chewing means they do not have enough stimulation, and you should consider getting Bully Bands (similar to Rawhides but much healthier), and other chew toys. Alot of times puppies bite when they are teething...once again, the bones will help. Other than that, trying the yelping, and whenever he lunges turn around completely and ignore him. Don't pay attention or give affection until they are calm, and not biting. If they try it again, turn around. They will learn that biting leads to being ignored. Biting=boring. :)

If your dog is in deed teething, what I like to do is buy a kong their size, fill full of peanut butter and freeze it. it helped a lot with mine and he loved it.

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