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My mother-in-law has a female dawn Dane and I don't think that they are feeding the dog as much and as often as they should. They won't do free feeding but the Dane has lost weight since coming to the house. She is only getting 4 cups of food twice a day. I am wondering how much an 8 month puppy should be getting in food. Can anyone help me?

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Our 51/2 month old male dane is eating about 6 cups/day (2 cups 3X a day). The vet said about 6-8 cups is good. Follow the bag recommendations for age and mature weight (although all food is different). You want a lean dane, and females are more streamlined then males.She will fill out after 12-18 months - dane pups are gangly. As long as you can feel but not see the ribs and only the last rib is barely visible on standing. If she hangs around the bowl seeming hungry, they can add a 1/2 cup to se how she does. But body condition is best indicator, because some pups will eat and not stop! Hope this helps!

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