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My parents are thinking about getting a dog. This is gate because I have been begging for years. But the thing is that my parents want a basset hound, a bulldog or a grate dane. I really want a grate dane. What should I do?

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Reseach and prove to them why this dog is better than the other dogs. Also find out the bad with the good. Great Danes eat alot and grow very big

you really should research all the breeds, and then prove to your parents that a great dane is the best, for instance : Bulldogs have breathing problems! Basset Hounds drool everywhere, and you'll end up doing three loads of laundry a day! & lastly Great Danes are prone to cancer more than any other purebred breed! Take that information to your parents, and you might be suprised how much all of these dogs cost if you don't buy from a reputable breeder!!!!

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