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My son has 2 great dane puppies (7months old)and three other older dogs. This week is the second time one or both have attacked the pet goat and drew blood. They did stop when my son yelled at them. I have grave concerns as they do have 4 children, the youngest is only 15 months old. We have one of their puppies sibling and she has never been aggressive, we have two other dogs but no other animals. I have always head once a dog tastes blood they continue to be aggresive. Please give any advice you might have.

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I have had this experience with another breed it is not good, Goats are too timid. They can.t stand the onslaught of a dog. I doubt the children are in danger but the goat is. The dogs are just playing, the goat runs, instant fun. I believe you will have to choose between goat and dogs.

If they are just pups................ they are probably trying to play. They just don't know any better. If I were your son, I would just keep some baby gates up to separate the children, and the dogs......... until he trains them just a little bit.

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