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We bred our Great Dane and now the female, a Harlequin, has 9 puppies. Ours is a mantle. They people that own the female also have a 10 month old all black dane. Is it possible that the puppies are the 10 month olds and not our danes? How old must a Dane be before he can breed? There are no mantles in the litter. Just black ones and Harlequins and one Blue Merle.

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normally people dont breed merles - because a double merle can lead to blindness. Harlequins tend to throw out a variety of colors. So its possible that she was bred with either dog.

Highly possible they weren't responsible enough to keep the dogs seperate and the 10 month old puppy bred with her. Mantles usually produce mantles especially when bred with a Harlequin.

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