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We have a 6mth old puppy,he started going lame in his back left leg to the point he has been unable to put weight on it. He has been on a course of medication which has helped him to the point that he bares slight weight upon it. He is due to have X-rays taken and we are very concerned . Does anyone know of a Cavachon with similar symptons ??? Before Henry became lame, he would run using both hind legs together, rabbit fashion ( hopping ) he also does this when going up and down stairs. Is this how your Cavachon runs ? he also does not like jumping up on chairs /sofas etc ANY HELP / COMMENTS WOULD BE WELCOLMED

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I don't have an answer, but my 10-month-old Cavachon also has trouble with his right hind leg (hip seemingly going out of joint and then back in. He limps for about 30 seconds or so, and then seems to be okay. But it seems to be happening more often rather than getting better. I'm worried too. I'd like to know what to expect. Hopefully he will grow out of the problem.

Hello..I am not sure when this was written, but take your puppy for an mri. My poor Ted did the same thing and I never found a congenital back problem which could have been fixed with medicine and unfortunately we had to put him down because he became paralyzed over a weekend. So sad...I hope I can help one person from going through this heartache! Thanks!

I have a male (Cavaton) almost 3 years old who had knee surgery at 19 months. He had a torn ACL and patella luxation (dislocating kneecap). It was expensive surgery, but well worth it. You need to consult an orthopedic surgeon for dogs. My dog was confined for 6 weeks, but made a total recovery. We just found out his other knee is also bad and he will have surgery in August. I believe my dogs parents passed along genetic issues. I have no idea where you live but our doctor is Dr. David Crouch at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery 828-684-0019. Hope this helps.

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