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We just got a three year old great dane. She is a sweetie but our little dog tends to get yappy with her and the great dane even growled and chased her a bit. She didnt bite her or anything and i cant tell if she was playing or not. Then my dad came over who was very upset that I had adopted her. He didnt yell or anything but you could clearly tell he was upset and she growled at him. Once he came in and sat down she didnt growl again but was very "aware" of him being in the room. I dont want people to fear her but it can be kinda hard given her size.

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As for family and friends they well get to know her. She well growl at the other dog if she doesn't want to play or be bothered or when she is playing. it is hard to say for you have to get to know her and what she does and when she does it. It took some time for me to get to know my Dane. He would only show his teeth to one dog that we owned, but after a while he would still show his teeth but we knew it didn't mean anything.

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