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Yes I aheva almost 6 month old blue dane and he is so skittish of strangers I try to get as many people as possible to pet him, and be call around him, but he gets terrified what can i do even if i walk him and there are a group of people in his direction he refuses to walk in that direction, now, he's starting to bark, and growl at strangers, especially men. I really want this to stop i already have a german shepherd that is aggressive i adopted him that way the owner trained him that way, not me after they decided they didn't want to deal with his elbow problems, anyway i really wanted a friendly dog, and danes are suppose to me happy dogs towards people unless protecting, also he barks constantly at every sound help!!

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Cant wait to read an answer. I just bought a 6 mnth old merle female. She was fine with the breeder but hid from us. This is the the age for a fear period so I wasnt worried. This is day 3 now she is better with us and perfect with my 13 yo because she spends every second with her but if i try to pet her when she is laying down she trys to hide behind my daughter and if she cant hide she snaps at me. My husband works all day and when he comes home she will attempt to approach him but if he goes toward her she growls and gets all skittish. Hoping its just the fear period.How was your pup in younger months?

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