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i have a grate dane of 3 months old but he still do the bathroom in side the home.even i took him out for an hour after eating, he dose'nt do outside .as he come inside the home he immadatly do.i dont know what to do?

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after lunch or after playing 15 minutes later go outside and make a little ride with him u be sure to see puppy make something:)

You should definitely try crate training. Keep him in his crate all the time unless you can't supervise him VERY well. It seems mean, but it's temporary, and it truly is the best way to housebreak a dog. When you can't watch him, put him in his crate with a comfortable bed and some chew toys and water. As soon as you take him out of his crate, IMMEDIATELY go outside. If he potties in the house yell really loudly "UH UH!" and run outside with them. They will probably have been startled and will have more to go outside. As soon as they potty outside give lavish praises, even treats. Make a huge production out of him pottying outside. When he's out with you in the house watch for signs...slowing down, sniffing, walking away from you. I have actually kept my dogs on a leash in the house to keep them with me and it worked fabulously. As soon as you see something that looks like he might need to potty take him outside and do the same routine. If he doesn't go outside you can try to put him back in his crate and try to take him out again 30 minutes later. Doing this CONSISTENTLY for a few weeks/months should help alot :) Also make sure you clean the spots in the house up with a very strong pet odor cleaner. If they smell it, it will be very difficult to get them to stop. :P)

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