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i recently bought a great dane 14 months old is it possiable that she has worms because she is so thin or how can i have gain weight properly?

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I would definately take her to the vet. My pup had been wormed as all pups are but ended up getting heartworms from sneaking into my sisters cats litter box, and her cat had worms... I noticed he was a lot thinner and at first just contributed it to his going through the lanky stage. But eventually he ended up with soft stools and then diarrhea. They will ask you to bring in a stool sample and they can test it and let you know. I would do that and if she does have something they can treat her. And after that, definately get her on a monthly heartworm medication, such as heartguard plus or revolution, you can ask your vet. It's a lot cheaper to pay for that every month then the stuff they have to give them if they end up with worms. And she'll feel so much better

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