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The Cheenese is a cross between a chihuahua and Havanese. This hybrid will be a small dog and usually sport a longish coat. He may be difficult to train as he is stubborn. Be aware he won\'t want to be left alone.

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You will find the Cheenese to be a happy and loyal little fellow. He is alert and will let you know when someone is approaching. Usually he doesn\'t get on well with small children, but this may be overcome with early socialization. Generally older children are a better match for this designer dog.

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6-9 inches
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4-16 pounds
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General Health

There are no known health issues as this is a relatively new hybrid.

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Looking to the parent breeds for history, it can be found that the Chihuahua has a few theories as to where and when they originated. It is not know for sure whether they came from, Egypt, China, or South America. But it is documented that they were found in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1850. The Havanese hales from Cuba.

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The Cheenese will be a low to moderate shedding canine. Regular brushing with a pin brush should keep his coat silky. Only bathe when needed. Pay attention to oral hygiene as these small dogs can develop dental problems.

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Ideal Environment

An apartment will suit this little fellow well. But if he has a fenced yard all the better to expend some energy. He is alert and intelligent and will thrive if given plenty of mental stimulation. A trip to the dog park will enhance socialization skills.

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