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My chipin is about 5 months and she still sorta has issues of going to the bathroom in the right room. we live in an apartment and we take her to my mothers house when we go to work and at my mothers shes seems to know where to go but at our home she doesnt. What should i do??

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Keep trying and reinforceing the correct behavior. My Lucy is a ChiPin and is 13 months old, however she was a handful to potty train. These little dogs seem to be very head strong, so I believe that you it is nesscessary to be both very constant and stern!! Good luck!!

I have always had large dogs, Siberian husky lastly. I got chipin when my brothers dog had litter wanting a lap dog, I had same issue with house breaking and did extensive research. I did on both breeds not knowing which temperament she inherited, Chihuahua or pincher. she seem to have Chihuahua, and she was housebroke, well we use puppy pads, in month! withhold affection. if she peed, we put her in carrier cage what u call them for 5 min. and 30 min no one pet her or played etc. we told her no love bad girl and she related peeing as no love. sounds awful but Chihuahua thrive off affection and withholding it is punishment. she is 5 yrs old now and no love is like cuss words to her, lol. my email is if u want any other helpful info. I have her 24/7 car, home. she my girl. and loves kids minds well!! never met anyone drive thru anywhere that isn't shocked at her behavior, and I don't whip her. love is what you should give and use to train any dog I believe. and a time out space. good luck!

I'm sorry but that no love crap is ... well.....crap... first off don't ever use a carrier as punishment. I'd you ever have to use the carrier in the future they've I'll hate it and think they did something wrong. Not cool. And they'll forget why they are there the first five seconds anyway. They have about a five second same with no love crap.. they forget why you are ignoring them. Or being mean in your tone .. I'll tell you how to potty train. It'll take a couple posts but ill tell you.first off its important to catch them AS they are doing it ()

Due to that five second memory thing again.when you catch them in the ACT you and mediately make a very loud noiselike ehh ehh ehh loud and clipped at the end. And then say no very loudly after the noise. Then,if it is poop you pick it and the dog up,if it is a small dog,and bring them outside or to the pee pad. .. you put the poop where the dof should've put it to begin with then you praise the hell out of them,excluding giving treats if you are using treats as a reward,just like they put it there themselves. Praise praise praise! Whether they poop or pee where theare suppose to or you put it

put it there themselves. Praise praise praise! Whether they poop or pee where theare suppose to or you put it there yourself .when you praise use an excited voice. Walk them everytime they wake up. I bring to pee pad.if you have to use treats do it.I don't like using them but they work in stubborn dogs.clean the mess very very well.get a spray that kills the enzymes that keep drawing them back to the spot to potty

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