Photo I just bought a dog as a mini pinscher but now im not sure its pure. can i send you a picture and yo

If it is the dog on your profile, it looks like my dog Jackson and he is a hybrid. His mother is a Chihuahua and his father is a MinPin. They are considered Minchi or Chipin, I suppose depending on wh

Photo is it true that chipins snap at people

at times they do or at least mine does when its people she doesn't know she barks at them but after they get closer and want to pet her then shes playful

Photo My dog Blacky is a chipin and he likes to roam around begging for human food and my mom and dad dont

I know from personal experience with my ChiPin and further research made online, NO raisins or grapes for sure! a small hand full of grapes can make her appear drunk or low blood sugar and could actu

Photo My chipin is about 5 months and she still sorta has issues of going to the bathroom in the right roo

Keep trying and reinforceing the correct behavior. My Lucy is a ChiPin and is 13 months old, however she was a handful to potty train. These little dogs seem to be very head strong, so I believe that

Photo My ChiPin Tido has an eating issue and is gaining weight he gets quite a bit of exercise but he eats

If you haven't taken your pup for a vet check, now is definitely the time. It sounds like the lil guy might have worms. What you described of his habits sounds like that's a good possibility. They wil

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