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How do I get my Silky Terrier's ears to stand up?

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You probably won't be able to. I can't remember the exact term, but it's a genetic thing. My dog, and several other Silkies I know, have floppy ears and they are just as cute as the up-eared ones!

I like the flopped down ears better than the stand up kind. I think flopped down is much sweeter and gives the dog more character. However, if you want the ears to stand up, try trimming the ear hair very short so that the ears won't be weighted down with hair.

I think it is genetic. My silky, riley, has ears that stand up all the time, regardless of the length of his hair. His sister, syd, is the same way. But chloe, who I got from another breeder has floppy ears all the time

My silky has the same thing, sometimes this happens when they are puppy's. if your dog is still a puppy, ask your vet about this issue. It is not a serious problem but can make your dog prone to ear infections so clean them thoroughly and often. Some owners put toothpicks in their dogs ear and attach them with tape! This only works if your dog is still young.

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