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I have a 6-7 month old female gidget.. I was told that she was a Yorkie but her coat is so different from my friends Yorkie....her male has lots of thick soft silky hair and is black and tan. He has never changed colors, but mine has gone thru many color changes...As a baby she was the normal black and tan..Now her back is a mixture of black and grey or silver. The top of her head went to white to a cream color and her face and legs are the tan color. Her legs appear longer then his but there isnt much hair on them. Her hair is also very thin. She might weigh about 5 pounds. She is very petite. I am concerned that she doesnt have much hair. Can anyone tell me if she is a Yorkie or a Silky from this information?

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It can be extremely hard to tell the difference between a silky and a Yorkie. As a puppy the y both start out pure black with tan markings. However, the Yorkie usually has a fuzzier coat than the silky when it is still a puppy. The silkies coat tend to be flatter and a bit shinier. When she is older, it may be easier to tell the difference. The older the dog gets, the more the color changes from black, to grey. The silk terrier's coat is flat and hangs to the ground and it has a metallic sheen. A Yorkshire terrier's coat is usually a duller grey, or rich black. These notable color changes happen when they around one year old. The top of a silky terriers head is usually lighter colored than the rest of him. The hair around the eyes will grey into tiny bangs. The Yorkie tends to have hair that grows back into a top knot. Their head will be the same color as the rest. The muzzle is another distinguishable way to tell the difference. A silky has a longer, more compact muzzle. The Yorkie had a shorter, scrunched up muzzle. silky weigh 8-10 pounds. A Yorkie weighs under 7. Your dog sound like a Yorkie. It is very normal for the dog to go through many color changes before reaching adulthood. This is the normal process of the color change from black to silver/grey.

if she has a small head, short neck and stocky body with thin lightly haired legs with tiny feet, then she may be a 'chorkie'

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