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I have a first generation Shiranian, Rosscoe, he is eight weeks old. We have fleas in the yard and he loves to play in the grass. What can I do about the fleas in the yard and on poor little Rosscoe? I comb he daily and bathe him once a week. I am scared to bathe more often. Please Help! He is starting to get sores from the fleas.

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Try puttings some sort of flea treatment on the dog such as frontline or advantage. Within a day all of the fleas will have died and fallen off the dog. It's amazing!

Flea treatment I agree is the only way to go, we use advatage and its brilliant! but there are others on the market. if in doubt ask your vet which one as he is so young

I have also found it helpful to put a little garlic powder (not salt) in my enya's food. she has no fleas even though we live in the woods. the fleas and ticks dont like the garlic and humans can't smell it .

We have the same problem. We get a monthly pill from our vet. It works very well.

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