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I have a silky terrier, Rascal, and he is about 12 weeks old. I can already see that he's turning gray or silverish. Do all of these types of dogs turn gray? Will he turn gray all over or just around his head? It really doesn't matter we're in love with him no matter what! But, we are just curious. Thanks!

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No, not all Silkies turn gray. The colors do vary, most are a metal bue on the back and blonde around face, legs, and neck. Some even have somewhat of a rough coat around the mid section of their backs. That is not a highly desired trait though. your welcome

Yes, most silkies turn grey by the time they are 1 year old or a little older. Most of his body will also turn grey/silverish. His head and legs will stay tawny brown. I have never heard of them turning grey so early! ask your vet or the breeder you got him from if you have any more questions about your silkies coat.

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