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I have a silky terrier he is about 10 months. I love him so much and he is very loving towards me and my family. He, Remington, is incredibly intelligent, but he hates children. I do not have any children myself nor does my immediate family. But there will be in a few years and I do NOT want to have to give him away. He gets really defensive and tries to go after kids shirts, especially if they are running. Though he has never actually attempted to bite them, I fear it could happen anytime. PLEASE HELP! I am just so sad and want to find a solution.

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I used to have the same problem with my silky, Bella, but now she is terrific with children. I made sure to keep her around people for socialization.. when she would start growling or chasing a child i would sternely call her and smack her..not hard just enough to know that she wasnt going to do that.. shes now great with people, if they dont think they have to listen, they wont. just be patient..and just dont freak.

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