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I have a silky terrier now who has floppy ears still as a 6 month old. I know his ears may perk up in time but I personally like the floppy ears. Is there a way to know if the puppy will have perked or flopped ears when choosing them as a puppy? In the future I'd love to have another silky and want him to have floppy ears instead of the cropped kind. Anyone know if there is a way to tell?

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My name is Amy I own a 10 month old Silky Terrier Named Lil Jack the Nipper- about 6 months is when his teeth all started to come in and his ears started falling down...I started researching and found out that during the teething process dogs tend to let their ears just "hang" a book suggested that I trim his ears for this process so I did so and within two months his ears were normal again good luck!

with my dog, bella, we got her at 7 weeks... shes always had floppy i have to most cases.. if their ears are floppy young..theyre gonna stay floppy

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